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 GoBob Pipe & Steel Overhead Bins
GoBob Pipe & Steel  Overhead Bins 
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Better Quality at a Better Price! GoBob overhead feed & grain bins are built with the greatest quality construction and include many features STANDARD that the competition charges extra for. Is this bin you've been sent shopping for? Heard it under another name? These are your Bin's, whether they are known as Overhead Bins, as well as Overhead Feed Bins or even Overhead Bulk Bins. Some skip the overhead and just call them Bulk Bins - from Bulk Feed Bins to Bulk Grain Bins. Now, for those of you with interesting co-workers - you might have heard Cake Bins, Bulk or Overhead Cake Bins, Bulk Commodity Bins, or even - yes - Overhead commodity Bins! Whatever the name - Gobob sells it at a better quality for a better price! Standard Features Catwalk and handrails for top door access Ladders on the inside for easy access and safety. Top door opens from the ground Lockable bottom door for safety Heavy 6” x 6” square tubing legs Seams are double welded (inside & out) Oversized 3’ x 3’ top door on larger bins Primed and painted your choice of colors Six inch vent Sight Glass Wind Sock Available Options (not many, most are standard) Additional clearance up to 12 feet Extra vents or sight glasses Interior primer Dividers posted: 09/24/10

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